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Authentic Movement

The Discipline of Authentic Movement

The Discipline of Authentic Movement is a movement practice that has been developed by Janet Adler and is a wonderful way to train our consciousness whilst being deeply anchored in the body.

The practice always includes a mover and a witness who sits at the edge of the moving space. In presence of a witness, the mover closes their eyes and follows the impulses of their body - the movement that arises and can express unknown or known life stories, as well as discovering, more connectivity, more creative and aware ways of being present to life experiences.

It is through the presence of the witness that a feeling of safety for the mover can emerge and where they may discover what has not previously been known.

At the centre of this path is the development and refinement of the Inner Witness. Inner Witnesses means the possibility of being consciously related to oneself, to others, to the collective and the unknowable.

After the movement time, both sit together and explore finding words to express this experience as well as discover what else wishes to be seen or known. This is a vital element of the practice and is what lets the mover begin to know him/herself at a new levels of conscious presence.

Our deep need to be seen, as we are, and our deep need to see clearly, find space and possibilities of unfolding: we practice clear seeing, in which projections, interpretations, evaluations are overcome.

In this sense, an authentic movement supports each mover in deepening and refining their relationship to their embodied self.

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Discipline of Authentic Movement workshops

Jane is offering regular groups throughout the year. These days are designed for exploring our consciousness through movement and can be taken as stand alone spaces for personal resource and inquiry or as an on-going journey.

Each day will include:

  • The opportunity for immersion in your own movement
  • Practice in skills of inner witnessing of movement, sensation, emotion and image
  • Journey of becoming an embodied witness and developing our inner witness presence
  • Learning how to find language for your experiencec
For dates, details, and bookings, click here.

Jane has been practicing the Discipline of Authentic Movement since 2010 and has trained and assisted with Linda Hartley, is currently participating in the Circles of Four teacher training programme and is mentored by Janet Adler.

Authentic movement can be done in pairs as well as in a group. Jane offers individual sessions and a monthly practice group in the Discipline of Authentic Movement. To inquire about beginning individual work or to register for the group contact Jane.

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“Being seen, seeing oneself, seeing another, movers and witnesses move closer to their true nature because of the development of witness consciousness. With increasing trust in themselves and in the discipline, through this mysterious developmental but non-linear process of enduring commitment, individuals can journey from the experience of duality to unity consciousness.”
Janet Adler
Authentic Movement individual sessions

Each individual session includes a space to share and then moves into the Authentic Movement practice. A series of sessions is recommended as each session deepens the practice and allows a tapping into different layers of consciousness.

This profound movement practice supports:

  • Connecting to our self and our body sensations, feelings, and images
  • Cultivating presence and acceptance of our self
  • Freeing our movement and expression and letting the unconscious integrate into our awareness
  • Developing our ability to find language for our inner body and movement experience
  • Creating connections to the sacred through movement

Individual sessions are one hour long and are taken as a short series of 10 sessions or over a longer time frame. For more information use the Contact form.

“Jane's clarity, and highly developed humanity, allows people to experiment with their feelings, openess, emotions - a true gift. Around her you meet yourself... and discover how cool that is!” - Gaia Pollini, Hill that Breathes and f**k it Retreats.