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From April 21 2019
4 Modules
Continuum Flow Retreat Programme and Mentoring (Devon)
with Cherionna Menzam-Sills & Jane Okondo

A series of seminars in a retreat setting for those experienced with Continuum and ready to dive deeper with this subtle fluidic practice. Click here for more info.

Soma Touch
Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy (Moscow)
IBMT Diploma Programme

As part of a longer diploma programme, Jane will be teaching the Somatic Psychology modules. Ongoing dates: 2-4 November 2018, 18-20 January 2019, 1-3 March 2019, and 5-7 June 2019. For details: ibmt-russia.ru or Contact Nina ibmtmoscow@gmail.com

Ongoing Groups
 Open Group 
£105 (3 classes)
Closed Group
Dance Fish
Discipline of Authentic Movement (London)

Authentic Movement is a contemplative movement practice which has evolved within the field of dance movement therapy, and been influenced by Jungian psychology and meditative practice.
Friday morning Open group (6 participants max.), Monday (fortnightly) Closed group. If you are interested in participating in an ongoing group, please contact Jane.

6 & 7 October 2018
Continuum Evolutions

In this Continuum workshop we will be exploring the different stages of evolutionary movement (fish, reptile, mammal) and how this connects us to our inherent early developmental movement; cellular breathing, naval radiation, pre and spinal movement patterns - exploring through Experiential Anatomy and Continuum.

12 - 17 October 2018
Ripple at night
Continuum in the Relational Field: A Continuum Flow Retreat (Somerset)
with Cherionna Menzam-Sills and Jane Okondo

To support those drawn to deepen in this fluid practice, to experience the mysterious nuances and their healing effects, and possibly to become teachers, we are offering 5-day retreats to those who have had at least 5 days experience with a Continuum teacher. Register here.

1 Dec. 2018 (4x in 2019)
Wood interlock
Becoming - Discipline of Authentic Movement (London)

These days are designed for exploring our consciousness through movement and can be taken as stand alone spaces for personal resource and inquiry or as an on-going journey. If you are interested please contact Jane.

2 December 2018
Continuum Wave (London)

One day Continuum workshops for creating connection to our fluid nature through movement.

09.02, 06.04, & 10.08 2019
Dance Fish
Embodied Anatomy & Movement Repatterning

IBMT Day workshops.

February - Breathing Heart (embodying the consciousness of the connections of breath, heart and circulatory system)
April - Fluid connections (embodying consciousness of different fluid systems of the body)
August - Presence - inner and outer (embodying consciousness of anatomy of cells, fascia and bone)
Booking: ibmt.co.uk/workshops/.

30 & 31 March 2019
Fluid Resiliency (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Approaches to Somatic Movement for Trauma

Trauma impacts us at a cellular, bodily level often leaving us unable to prevent the continuous cycling through levels of activation that impact our breath and wellbeing. In this workshop we will be exploring somatic movement practices that support our ability to access fluid resiliency.

22 - 25 May 2019
Play, Rest, and Flow Retreat (Spain)
with Jane and Pablo Harris

4 days in nature on a retreat (Sierra de Loja ~ Cortijo Verde, Andalusia). Contact Jane for details.

Cortijo Verde is an interspecies family and retreat centre dedicated to permaculture and the somatic arts. It is nestled in complete privacy and nature in the heart of the Sierra de Loja, just outside a village named Ventorros de San Jose, approximately 1 hour from both Malaga and Granada.

One 2 One
Swirling water
Craniosacral Therapy

A subtle and wonderfully effective form of treatment for a wide range of dis-eases that enables us to connect deeply with our internal resources.

One 2 One
Flowing stream
Movement Therapy

Let go of connecting solely through the verbal realm and enter into a more profound experience of body-mind.

One 2 One
Dark dandelion
Breath Therapy

Our breathing is a reflection of what is happening within us, both physically and emotionally. If we listen to our body we can develop an innate sense of knowing if all is well within us.

One 2 One
Whale and diver
Naked Communication

Straight and authentic communication, both verbal and body language, cuts through any confusion, uncertainty, or upset. Strip away all 'niceness' and pretence and generate your congruent and effective self.

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“...your teaching is wonderful because it doesn't actually feel as if you are doing any teaching! It felt as if we were all investigating this thing called Breath together... and, for me, that is such a good way to learn. I can't wait to do the next two days.” - Serena Evans, Actors Voice Trainer.